The Meaning Of Almajiri And Aboki 

The Meaning Of Almajiri And Aboki 

The Meaning Of Almajiri And Aboki

To be literate is not only to be able to pronounce in English, (which many confuses L, R, H, P in Africa) it is to be educated in the culture around you and of course, it has much to too about civilization and how you can relate with other human beings.

Literally, those who themselves are half illiterate don’t even know that the word “almajiri” means, “disciple” while “aboki” simply means, a “friend”

For my illiterate southern brothers who show their hates towards a Northern indigen by this pronouncement are simply fooling themselves because those they are calling these names feel dignified.

These names names are not synonymous to like calling someone an armed rubber, 419 (fraudster), kidnapper, drug trafficker, baby factory, prostitution. These are some of the derogatory names which I believe could tarnish and destroy someone’s image, profile and reputation.

When next some of these uninformed guys call a northerners the above mentioned names, tap the guy and tell him that being an amajiri, aboki or even a beggar are far better than being a 419 yahoo, it is much better to beg than robbery, kidnapping, drug trafficker and prostitution.

Those who hate us are worse in value, therefore always be cautious to tell them who they are. This will put them in the cold and they will be silent afterwards.


May God bless those who love themselves and love God’s creatures.

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