Izombe A Town Rich In Mineral Resources But Indigenes Lives In Abject Poverty


Izombe A Town Rich In Mineral Resources But Indigenes Lives In Abject Poverty

This is Izombe Located in Oguta Local Government,this town is just 30 kilometres from Owerri and 150 kilometres north of Port Harcourt, It covers about 59 km2 in Njaba River basin,SouthEast Nigeria.Oil exploration and production in Izombe area started in the early 1960s.with three major multinational oil companies including ChevronTexaco ,Shell and Addax Petroleum operate in the area, producing over 70% of total oil from Oguta LGA.Yet the people still live’s in abject poverty even the Gas flaring in Izombe started as soon as oil exploration commenced in the early 1960s this activity has resulted to poor yield of crops, respiratory diseases and other health problems due to the release of poisonous chemicals including greenhouse gases.

Environmental studies conducted in Izombe shows that the soil in Izombe is highly acidic with a pH of (4.0- 5.2) as a result of gas flaring as opposed to the control soil with pH (6.8).With these findings,it is an evidence that crops grown on Izombe soil have high presence of acid, including their water, which poses health hazards to the people of Izombe not withstanding the fact that we have no water in izombe.

Not even a borehole imagine water being the most essential needs of life and a town like izombe with three autonomous communities oil producing town can not boast of a common borehole this is wickedness of the highest order yet the state government and federal government at large have not done anything about this all they care is the oil money This could justify the claims when the people of Izombe say 25% of her indigenes are blind, and 55% are suffering from eye defects.Addax Petroleum, an oil corporation, exploring about 7000 barrels of oil in my community, Should leave our land for failure to leave up to there corporate social responsibility and help alleviate the abject poverty in izombe,Oil exploration and exploitation have been going on in my town for decades but running water and electricity is the most scarce commodity for my people.

The inhabitants of izombe are daily
confronted with the challenges associated with the absence of running water and electricity, my people need not be made to suffer any longer before the authorities expedite action on water scheme that has remained on the drawing board for about 27 years this is how long my people have been made to suffer I feel so exasperated and sympathetic at the low standard of livelihood, the people of Izombe are experiencing day after day, despite their natural endowments.It is so disheartening, abysmal, and ostentatiously heartbreaking, that as rich, and blessed as is, in addition to the presence of huge multinational oil corporations, with a very conspicuous and an intimidating presence in the international market, yet the people of Izombe have absolutely nothing to show for it,one other thing observed is the way petitions are been written to the Addax Petroleum company whenever a contract is to be awarded or a project about to be executed my question is who are this people who wants no progress in izombe.

But only God knows Izombe needs help, Izombe needs to be taken care of,a community as rich as Izombe shouldn’t be begging for electricity, pipe-borne water, good roads, good schools and highly equipped medical centres, a community like Izombe shouldn’t be threatened with eye diseases, and sicknesses,it is hightime somebody rose up to their responsibilities and salvage the people of Izombe,they need help, they are begging to live and survive.Please something needs to be done to alleviate if not totally ameliorate their problems,before these people head for extinction. The help you render today may be all Izombe need to chant
a new course.

I am Mgbaram Ebuka Joseph.From (UMUORJI IZOMBE) And I just want to make common sense

We Need Change
We need development

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