El Rufai Blows Hot On Almajiri’s

El Rufai

The governor of Kaduna state El Rufai yesterday took to his Twitter account calling for an end to almajiri in Nigeria saying the health hazard is too much to curtail.

According to his tweet Gov E Rufai said:

There is nowhere in the world where children go through this kind of system (almajiri) which does not give them life skills or prepare them for any modern education & create future problems for generations.

We’ve been looking at ways & means of ending this (almajiri) system because it has not worked for the children, it has not worked for northern Nigeria & Nigeria. It has to end & this is the time.

It is better to cram 200 children in the Primary School classroom & give them some kind of education than to allow them to be wasting their lives away, roaming the streets, begging for what to eat.

The Governor before me had 400 special advisors, I have only 10. They had 400 special assistants & we have less than 40.

We did not see our infection rates going down, so we didn’t think it was time to ease the lockdown in Kaduna & that’s why we renewed it & extended for another 30 days.

Most people my age, 50 & above hardly survive the COVID19 but I have & I did so by obeying what the doctors said, taking my medication, exercising a lot & psychologically priming myself that I will survive this.

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