Comparing the looting legend

A Facebook post by one Mr Joseph Ebuka tagged Comparing the looting legends, this posts caught the attention of one of our reporters who deemed it fit to publish same article here on 043nobs

The post is talking about the corruptions in Nigeria dating back to the Era of Late military head of state Sani Abacha.


Comparing the looting legend

It is pathetic, disheartening, embarrassing, sobering and shameful. The most populous black race and indeed the most blessed in human & natural, best vegetation, best in mineral resources resources, one of the highest in diversity with highest manpower among the black race is rated as one of the most corrupt nation in the world and indeed one of the poorest.

There is a general shame and international embarrassment when you tender Nigerian green passport anywhere in the world. But yet our leaders continue to do the nagative while the youths follow in such direction as fraudsters. These negativities tend to erase the image of positive achievers in the world arena.

What is trending today, after COVID-19 in Nigerian devastating hardship is the return of Abacha loot from the country it was stashed to 21 years ago. And this is just a part of it. In estimate, he was said to have stollen over 1.4 trillions of Naira, depending on the exchange rate you are using. Abacha died in office as a dictator from the military Junta. Is he alone in this stealing? Was he the only thief that have plundered the nation to stupor? What do we know about his big boss IBB or the living Legend OBJ?

Read what these elders taught the younger generation president. that they handed over to. Jonathan in his own case, opened the vault of CBN and let lose what is called stealing for all his close associates, tribesmen. He did not know that stealing was corruption. And this is the Nigeria of our dream depleted bankruptcy.

$31 Billion Stolen Under President Jonathan Of Nigeria –PUNCH
Over N5tn in government funds have been stolen through fraud, embezzlement and theft since President Goodluck Jonathan assumed office on May 6, 2010, a Sunday PUNCH investigation has found.

Our public finance is hemorrhaging to the point that estimated over N30tn is missing, or stolen, or unaccounted for, or simply mismanaged,” the former CBN governor said.

Mr. Soludo said the sharp decline of the naira against the dollar was an indication of trouble for the nation.
He said his article was written for Nigerians to be informed ahead of the 2015 elections”

My big question goes thus: When are we going to start receiving back Jonathan’s loot

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