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You’re All Mad: Tacha Slam Fans Who Advice Her To Be Humble


You’ll Are Mad” – Tacha Fires Back At Nigerians Who Advised Her To Be Humble


BBNaija housemate, Tacha has fired back at Nigerians who slammed her after she stated that the reality show did not help her life.

In a video posted by Tacha on her Twitter page, the controversial reality star said that the BBNaija show only gave her a platform.

According to her, she gave BBnaija a show in exchange for their platform and that the show did not help her or contribute to building her brand.

The video caused an outrage as Nigerians dragged her for being “ungrateful “ and biting the finger that fed her, as they advised her to be humble.

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In response to the outrage, the serial entrepreneur slammed those coming for her, as she revealed she was depressed after she was disqualified from the show.

She also reminded due Nigerians on how they mocked her, partied and wanted her down fall after she was disqualified.

”Trust me y’all do not want to have this conversation!! Stay Humble Stay Humble is what got me out of depression??? Where was this energy when y’all mocked, jammed to ? and celebrated my supposed “DOWN FALL”?? Y’all maaad” she tweeted

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“Y’all had blue tick account pushing out narratives and rejoicing here and there!! You lots killed goat sef join to celebrate! But yeah it was OK to HATE ON TACHA! My mental health didn’t matter! If I died from depression didn’t matter! It was all ACCEPTABLE FUN” she added.