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Dencia Shades Artistes Who Charge Broke Artistes For Collaboration

Cameroonian-born singer, entrepreneur and fashion designer, Dencia has thrown a subtle shade at African artists who charge upcoming artists millions for collaboration but do it for free for foreign singers.

While citing an example of an African singer that featured Beyonce for free, the bleaching cream expert tagged ‘Africans as backward beings’ who prefer fame over wealth.

She Said;

“This is an example why Africans are a lil backward. You did a collab with Beyonce, didn’t collect $1, she made millions !! U go back home & charge broke artists first collabs. make it make sense. Y’all gotta pick money over fame sometimes.

If u want, collaborate with God, Win an Oscar if you aint collecting the money, all this don’t matter. But y’all can keep collecting clout & borrowing money to match the clout.”