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Evangelist Blasts Chidinma For Not Changing Her Mode Of Dressing After Giving Her Life To Christ And Switching To Gospel Music

Victor Edet, a ?Nigerian evangelist, has criticized newly converted gospel singer, Chidinma EKile, for not changing her fashion style despite now claiming to be born again.

Chidinma recently announced her decision to stop secular music and embracing gospel music as she is now born again.

Edet in his post said since Chidinma announced her decision to become a born again, the way she walks, speaks and dresses automatically needs to change. His post on Facebook reads: ”When a person is born again, everything about that person changes both internally and externally. The way she walks, speaks and dresses automatically changes.

This girl, Chidinma, claims to be born again, but she still dresses almost as she dressed in the world. The way you dress in the world should not be the same as you should dress in the Lord. There MUST be a change when you really meet the Lord. You cannot be reborn and still wear makeup, earrings, eyelashes, false nails, weavon, accessories, rings, and pants. These things are from Satan and it is from the world.”