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Reasons Why Nigeria Is Not Ready For Electric Vehicles

The need and the use of electric vehicles keep growing by the day, although they are hard to come by in some regions; this article will further highlight various reasons why several locations around the globe, including Nigeria, are yet to be ready for the next force in the automobile world which is EV

It is a very pathetic situation that years after the gradual rollout of the electric vehicles by respective car brands, some certain locations across the globe are still not prepared for the use of next-gen cars. While the use of the zero-emission vehicles in a country is not solely based on the government policy, there are several other measures that must be put in place before the EV system can effectively work in specific locations like Nigeria.

In this article, I will be using Nigeria as a case study, however, the measures that will be talked about are also applicable to other countries that share a similar fate. Before I go further, let me inform you that a successful importation of an EV in a country like Nigeria does not necessarily guarantee a sustainable usage, which otherwise means that, many can afford to own a car in the said category, but in the absence of those measures, it is quite a waste of time, and resources, as the car will only become a treasure in the garage

By now you would be eager to know what exactly are those measures that will trigger the effective use of EVs in a country (like Nigeria). Let me simply go straight to the point, by listing out some of the most important measures (otherwise referred to as facilities) that must be widely available in any location that intends to effectively operate an EV system:

1.Reliable and stable source of power

Here in Nigeria, the term ‘reliable’ is relative, hence the reason why I chose to add ‘stable’ to the sub-heading which otherwise refer to constant. To use an EV, one of the most important, if not the most important facilities that is required is a constant electricity supply, to avoid cases of being stranded, especially if you are not using the plug-in hybrid cars, but the all-electric EV type, which in most cases is more demanding with respect to electricity.

Reasons Why Nigeria Is Not Ready For Electric Vehicles

It is also important to know that considering an alternative power supply, let say a generator, for instance, may pose a lot of danger to the EV which often time can tell when an output isn’t clean or healthy to power it up. However, if you are bend to do so especially when left with little or no choice, it is very important to make sure that the generator is the type that absolutely has a clean sine wave output. This otherwise means that your generator, in most cases has to be an inverter and not the regular gasoline-fueled types which are often prone to surge and could rather cause more damages than good to your EVs.

Also, one of the benefits of owning an EV is zero cost on recharging, and if money is been spent on the use of generators, it otherwise renders the idea behind EVs useless in the long run.

2Charging Stations

While a reliable and stable electricity supply is quite important, the need for charging stations is almost as important. I wouldn’t want to say one is more important because of the fact that either cannot do without each other for effective use of EVs in the respective locations.

Reasons Why Nigeria Is Not Ready For Electric Vehicles

Every EV maker often plants charging stations in the respective location where the cars are in use. This is to ensure that there is a readily available power supply for the cars. That is aside from the fact that the EVs in most cases uses a dedicated plug for the purpose of charging, and that can be only provided by these stations, except you decide to facilitate your respective comfort zones with similar facilities, let’s say your garage at home, workplace, among other places.

Reasons Why Nigeria Is Not Ready For Electric Vehicles

Today, a majority of recharging is done at home, and overnight. That’s usually when electricity is cheapest–just think of it like plugging in your cellphone at night. If you have a battery-electric car, it’s best to install a charging station in your garage or carport.

3. Car Brand Presence

Like there is a mechanic workshop for your regular gasoline cars, it is also important to have a company-licensed workshop for the respective EVs in certain locations. This is major because of the tech-know-how attributed to the various brands which if altered by random engineers could cause more damages to your EVs.

Reasons Why Nigeria Is Not Ready For Electric Vehicles

Apart from the reason mentioned above, there is a need to run a checkup for your EVs at least once in a quarter of a year. This is to ultimately ensure that your car is fit and requires no special attention, considering that EVs are often tagged as delicate cars and deserves more attention in most cases.

Also, while a brand presence is good for the customers, it is likewise a good deal for the brand, as it creates customers’ loyalty. Loyal customers won’t stop supporting business in good and bad times, rather they will keep spreading the love and positive messages to other people, while their influence will introduce new customers to the company, further expanding the usage of the product(EVs in this case).

All been stated, the above list is rather some of many measures that must be checked before an EV system can be put to effective use in any location (country), hence it is not a complete list as there are more measures to be put into consideration with the biggest of them being the government policy regarding EVs in respective locations.


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