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Best Cyber Security Tactics in This Digitalisation World

the rapid growth of the digital world in today’s digital age and ever-changing
consumer pattern, it has become essential for businesses to have a digital
profile. Nowadays, almost all the businesses in the world have merged
their offline business ecosystem with their digital profile so that
they are discoverable by online customers. The digital profile of an
organization allows the online customer to know about the organization, the
products they sell, the services they offer, and many more things. A digital
profile not only means a website of the organization and a designated page on
Google Business. But it also indicates that the business’s presence on digital
marketing platforms, social media pages, and e-commerce stage.Best Cyber Security Tactics in This Digitalisation World

Best Cyber-security Tactics for this Digitalisation World

Digital marketing has become an integral part of almost every business, and the company requires marketing through social media and other digital platforms. Having an online presence benefits an organization in numerous ways whether it is showcasing products or services, attracting potential customers, increasing customer base, online marketing or online selling, etc. Most importantly, business with proper digital footprints and digital marketing base are comfortably outclassing their competition in both online and offline ecosystem.

However, the presence of the business module on the digital world also comes with the cost of various cybersecurity threats. As modern technology is booming, it also giving away new techniques to exploit companies and disrupt their security. Moreover, the absence of proper cybersecurity, strategies, and ecosystem are also making the business to fall prey to cyber-attacks.

Cyber Security Threats That Businesses Often Faces

Let’s go through some top cybersecurity threats that businesses face nowadays;

  • Crypto Jacking – Crypto-jacking or illicit crypto mining is currently one of the biggest cybersecurity threats faced by organizations. Crypto hijackers get into business machines or network and use the computer’s processing power to mine crypto-currency illegally. Not only computers but they also target business’s other IoT devices and slow down all the systems to use the all resource possible until it drains out.
  • Ransomware –  Ransomeware is currently the potent and noticeable threats that often sends a chill down the spine of business owners. In recent times it has made havoc by hijacking networks of various reputed organizations which includes government institutes and healthcare agencies. Basically, it locks down the computer or network of the organizations and opens it again after the owner pays the hefty ransom.
  • Fileless Malware – Fieless malware is an innovative cyber-attack where the attacker’s design malware to occupy the RAM of the systems. It allows the attacker to gain total access to the computer and unload other malware like ransomware whenever they desire. As these malware doesn’t exist as files, so it is extremely hard to detect its presence or origin.
  • Phishing – It is a common threat that is widely faced by business organizations throughout the world. In this attack, the scammers lure users or employees of organizations to click on the link, provide the information or download items on their server. BEC or business email compromise is a highly organized technique where they convince or manipulate employees of an organization to send them a tremendous amount of money or sensitive data.
  • Zero-Day Threats – Zero-day threat refers to the cyber attack where cybercriminals use security holes of software to enter the system or network of an organization. It is a quick process where they use the vulnerability to deliver malicious code or ransomware for zero-day exploit. They take benefit of the loopholes before the developer can fix the issues.
  • Shadow IT – Shadow IT is a dangerous security threat that hasn’t become imminent, but soon it will due to unauthorized usage of SaaS apps by employees. It indicates the usage of unauthorized usage of software or services on an organization’s network. So attackers can use these SaaS applications to garner information and also unload payloads like ransomware on enterprise’s network or computer.
  • Meltdown and Spectre – Another potential cyber threat faced by businesses is meltdown and specter. Basically, it is a loophole inside a processor chip, and the attackers use this inherent flaw to gain access to any system by comfortably bypassing all security measures. They not only can access sensitive information but also can exploit the whole system.  According to developers, it is quite hard to defend against this attack as it resides in the lower level of the system.

these are some vital security threats that can bring down any organization to
its knee. But the advancement of technology has also given way for many
preventive measures. If the organization keep a tight measure, then they can
prevent any kind of attack.

Methods To Protect Businesses Against Cyber Security Threats

Here are some useful and tested method that can protect a business from any imminent cybersecurity threats;

  • Backing and Securing Sensitive Data- Backing and securing all the business’s sensitive data will prevent any loss of data after an attack. If you can regularly backup all the data like customer record, business plans, financial information, etc. in a secure place, then it will minimize the damage.
  • Constant Threat Monitoring – You won’t know when the cybercriminals will attack the computer or network of your business. So round the clock monitoring of any security threat can help you to catch and prevent any attack before there is any damage. Employing a cybersecurity team and enforcing Security Event and Incident Monitoring software will be highly beneficial as they can they detect mistrustful activity.
  • Securing All The Devices Connected To The Network – Always keep your devices and computers secured using premium security software so that they aren’t affected by malware or viruses. Also install anti-spyware, anti-virus, and anti-spam filter to ensure optimum measures. Not only that, keep all the security software up to date as these updates contain many security upgrades.
  • Training All The Employees – Your employees are the main people who are handling all the devices in your office. First, you need to prepare them properly so that they can suspect any malicious activity or don’t fall prey to phishing or any other trap. Training should be given on intervals so that they can understand how cybercriminals attack and trick the users.
  • Ensuring Two Factor Authentication – The chances of any cyber attack can be curbed down by a right margin if your employees start using two-factor authentication. All the accounts and software will get a double layer of security where the password won’t be the only gateway to the account. It sends you a real time code to your phone or email for authentication.
  • Tightening The Physical Security – Along with digital security, you also need to pay attention to physical security. In a lot of cases, attackers gain entry to the network or computer through physical means or by entering the office space. Employ the best possible physical security so that no one can get an unauthorized entry.
  • Effective Response Plan – No cyber-attack protection strategies are 100% effective, so you will have to stay prepared for the attack. Make a well-thought incident response plan so that you will have a backup team who will immediately respond to the attack.



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