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Step By Step Guide To Start Affiliate Marketing And Earn Money


Title : Step By Step Guide To Start Affiliate Marketing And Earn Money

Are you guys looking for guide or want to start Affiliate Marketing and don’t know how to get started? Then here is the perfect step by step guide for you to get started with Affiliate Marketing and earn handsome amount of money within days. Most of the people try to find methods to get started with Affiliate Marketing and they don’t find any successful methods to get started with Affiliate Marketing. So, in this article I’ll teach you the perfect Affiliate Marketing Methods to earn money online with such simple and powerful methods.

Although, these methods are easy but not so easy as people work 1 day and expected to get profits the next day but this is not the true as it takes time, practice and patience to earn profits more and more. As you guys notice Affiliate Marketers try to explain what they are doing but not in the detail. They just want to share some knowledge which has no use to anyone. So, in this step by step guide I will tell you how to get started with Affiliate Marketing simple by following the amazing tactics and earn more and more profits within 2 or 3 months if you work consistently.

In this guide I’ll teach you :

1- Affiliate Marketing Blueprint
2- How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing
3- How To Earn More and More Profits
4- How To Boost Up Affiliate Profits
5- Possible Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing
6- How To Get Sales While Sleeping

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Step By Step:

So, welcome to the blueprint of Affiliate Marketing, in this blueprint I’ll cover each and everything that is related to Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing means you have to promote someone’s product and if any user buys that product you get some commission and that commission are in dollars. Yeah, it is more as than expected. So, the question arises where to do Affiliate Marketing? Here are some of the platforms for which you can do Affiliate Marketing and earn more and more profit. These platforms are:

1- Amazon
2- Clickbank
4- JVZoo
5- Warrior Plus

These 5 networks are the most popular Affiliate Marketing Networks.

How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing:

So, when and where we can start Affiliate Marketing? The answer is you can easily start Affiliate Marketing at any time any place. First you need to sign up for the Affiliate account and then start promoting products. For example, if I take the example of Amazon then you have to sign up for the affiliate program of amazon i-e amazon affiliate program. How to sign up for an affiliate account on amazon? The answer is you can watch the video on Youtube how to sign up for an affiliate account of amazon. Now move on to the next step How to Promote Affiliate Products? The simplest way is you can promote it everywhere. Now the question arises, which products to promote? The answer is you can promote any product you want, you just have to open the product and click on the text link on the upper left corner and get shorten affiliate link. Now, you have to promote your affiliate product. Here are some of the possible and simplest ways to promote your product easily. If you don’t understand how to get affiliate shorten link of any product to promote it then watch any tutorial on Youtube. Now you can promote your affiliate marketing product on Whatsapp, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Social media reach is also good for affiliate products.

How to Earn More and More Profits from Affiliate Marketing:

You can earn more and more money if you spent some hours to promote your products and it is as simple as reading. More sales mean more and more income and if you don’t find any useful platform to promote your affiliate products then you can start promoting via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter. Youtube is one of the biggest Affiliate Marketing source. If you know how to attract customers on Youtube or how to get more and more video views then you can earn more from your expected amount. If you make 30 to 40 videos on Affiliate products on Youtube and set the best title, description and tags for the video and you get good views then it means you got some sales on your video’s hope you get my idea.

How To Boost Up Affiliate Profits(Secrets):

Here are some of the secrets why Affiliate Marketers earn more and more then other businesses because they know how to promote products and how to get sales. For instant and good sales Affiliate Marketers make a website for product promotion and do SEO of the website to get organic traffic and this organic traffic is highly convertible i-e from this organic traffic they get amazing traffic as well as sales. They also make Facebook pages and promote them everywhere for the sales. They do guest posting related to the product specifications, features etc on websites like and and from that article they put affiliate link in the last of the article and from that guest post they get amazing sales.

Possible Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing:

There are uncountable ways to do Affiliate Marketing. For example, you want to promote a product and by using your methods you get some sales, then you can go to fiverr and search for the promoters to promote your product on many platforms and in this way, you get good sales. Also, you can put effort and start promoting products on youtube, website, forums and any where you want where you expect this platform will give you sales then go for it. For example, people use Pinterest to promote dresses and t-shirts etc as they know mostly ladies check pinterest and if they find that thing useful they click on the link and buy the products and in this way you get some sales.

How To Get Sales While Sleeping(Secrets):

Affiliate Marketing not only stops here, if you have a well designed website and you’re promoting affiliate products then you can spent some money for promotion i-e you can run advertisements on Google Adwords, Facebook, Youtube, Bing Ads etc to get instant and amazing sales and by applying this kind of marketing strategy you get sales while sleeping.

Hope this brief guide will help you in getting started with Affiliate Marketing in 2019.


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