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How To Know If You Are Addicted And How To Stop It



In these modern times of the world, everyone is addicted to several bad habits either knowingly or unknowingly. Due to which they forget what true free life is because when you are addicted to something you are actually in prison where you have no idea of yourself but you know you are pushed by something else, and you do not feel good about it. There are some addictions like smoking, drinking, games, etc. which you know are wrong but you pursue it anyway and then curse yourself. The tricky part is that we are all addicted to something in our life, but we don’t know about it yet, you only feel the satisfaction in a moment, but afterword, this is gone. If you are reading this, you want to get out of your addiction. Also, if you don’t know your addiction till now and you want to find out your addiction and want to take steps to stop it, either way, you are in the right place. Below is the list of some addictions that you may have unconsciously but you don’t know about it yet. So, keep reading it till the end.

Pleasure vs. happiness

Before moving on to discuss some very common addictions let’s first consider the pleasure vs. happiness phenomenon.

The first thing to know is the difference between pleasure and happiness. Pleasure is just a sensation that comes and goes with time; also it is short lived so if you follow a pleasure you will regret it soon. On the other hand, if you stop pursuing pleasure you will be out of a mental prison, and as a result, you will reach true happiness. Addiction also offers a short time pleasure which you will regret after a while but at that moment your mind goes blank, and you don’t know what to do with its so you follow it.
Some very common addictions you are not aware of:

The first addiction you are comfortable with is sleep. You may be thinking of how sleep can be my addiction as it is a necessity to stay alive. I am afraid, that’s not true in a more extended self. It cannot be denied that you sleep so that you can charge your batteries but what about oversleeping? Do you ever feel right about oversleeping? Except for very few moments where you felt about your oversleeping as a good, and you can actually count those moments. But what you cannot calculate is the time you feel bad about yourself when you slept for a long time. It is true that sleeping for a long time will charge your batteries but what about your lost productivity? What about your goals? Hence over sleeping is your addiction, and it not only destroy your productivity but also kills your creativity.

Why don’t overeaters feel good about themselves? Why they always want to control their diet but they still fail? Can we call overeating an addiction? Yes, we certainly can call overeating as an addiction which affects not only our bodies but mind too. Eating is just a necessity and overeating is a pleasure. And be adviced that desire is always short living for true happiness you have to leave the short term pleasures.

Social media:-
Do you check your mobile phone first when you wake up? Do you also check your mobile phone when going back to bed? If you do then congratulation, you have an addiction and you are not aware of it. This habit of regularly checking your mobile phone every time affects your attention. No surprise, there are a lot of people these days who have attention disorder problems

How to Stop
What have you achieved?

The first thing you need to do if you want to stop addiction is that you should always remind yourself of what you have achieved from the addiction moments. Were you happy after you were out of that moment or you regret it later? For example, you were smoking all day long, and at night, when you already have finished the whole packet, you realized just how much money you have wasted and how much time you have wasted, take note of that it will help you built a better thought process the next time you are about to repeat the same habit.

Conquer one habit at a time
The second step is to conquer one bad habit at a time. For example, if you are involved in many addictions like smoking, drinking, gaming, concentrate on one of it for a moment and try to force yourself of not doing it for 40 or 50 days to get rid of it. Follow the same process again for other addictions as well.

Take control of your brain
The most challenging step is to take control of your mind and stop all the bad habits at the same time. It is a difficult step but advantageous step to get rid of all your addictions. Yes, the brain will force you to get back to these short term pleasures, but this time you have to let your mind know that you are pursuing a long term happiness and addiction free life.

There are a lot of addictions that you are not aware of until today. We have identified some general bad habits that are now your addiction because of you continually repeating it. These addictions build a stronghold in your mind which is very difficult to take control of.

There is always a way to solve any problem; You can overcome any addiction by first identifying it and then taking actions to eradicate it. Addiction free life is in your own best interest.
What are your addictions and how are you doing with it? Reading this article I hope you understand how to prevent and conquer addictions.

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