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Digital Marketing A Need Of Time


Digital marketing:-

A need of time In the present scenario, there is a cut throat competition regardless of the niche of your product or services. For getting the best outcome from the business, the company does marketing of the their products or services, which in turn has proven to have given awesome results.

Broadly marketing is classified into two categories.
1. Offline marketing

2. Online marketing popularly

know as digital marketing.
Offline marketing includes advertising over newspapers, pamphlets distribution, print
advertising, hoardings and many more. As self explanatory here that this method of promotion is a kind of blind promotion where a person will be seeing your banners ads even if he is not at all interested in buying the product or using your services.

Digital marketing tactics includes search engine optimisation SEO, social media optimisation SMO, Content marketing,Google ads, campaigns,social media marketing, e-mail marketing, display advertising, influencer marketing and SMS marketing,voice marketing and many more.

These methods of promotions mentioned above takes into account the behaviour and the possible thought process of the customer and there implementing the tactics to materialise the situation.

It is quite evident that from the statistics that the number internet users all across the globe have increased to a remarkable extent in the recent years. On an average around 3.5 billion people access the internet daily for carrying out their tasks. So all the companies have left no stone unturned to materialise this digital platform to promote their products or services.

List is countless when it comes to listing down the reasons why Digital marketing has surpassed
offline marketing tactics. We will be listing down some major reasons why offline marketing is getting outdated day by day and companies big or small are opting digital marketing platforms.

● Targeting the right audience : Digital marketing platform allows the business owner to point to the right audience. We can sort the targeted audience on various matrix like demographics, zones, behaviour, education and many more to refine the audience more
and more. This in turn helps us to cut down the cost and efforts and ensure maximum profits.

Unlike offline marketing platform ther is no blind promotion which in turn saves the inputs and the efforts

● Pocket friendly : As per the research analysis done over the years digital marketing is
way more pocket friendly and result oriented as compared to offline mode of promotion.

● Efficient Return over Investment : As targeting is the main aspect of digital marketing, the outputs as compared to offline platform is greatly enhanced in digital marketing.Here targeting is done by studying the human behaviour and then methods of promotions are
implemented. Hence the ROI in digital marketing is much high as compared to the traditional ways of marketing.

Performance Measurement : Another aspect which compels every entrepreneur to switch over to digital marketing is the ease of keeping the track of performance. Digital marketing platform gives the users a dashboard for calculation of performance. This in turns allows the business owner to concentrate on the part which is giving maximum return over investment. Additional Targeting can be done through remarketing of the already interested Also users and has proven to have given huge results. There is no such performance calculation matrix in offline mode. At time the return over investment
can be zero also in offline mode.

● Reachability of audience : As evident from the number of internet users worldwide, the
horizon of business owners is greatly enhanced through digital marketing.. According to the study over 4 billion users spend around 2 hours per day over internet for their daily tasks, so reaching out the audience has become very easy.On the other hand in offline mode of marketing you can never be sure about your audience. Just take the example of newspapers, rarely we notice ads printed on the sides as we are not interests or least
interested for buying or taking the service or product. Also it is not possible to carry a newspaper everywhere but it is very easy to take your phone,tablets,laptops with you anywhere very easily.

● Keeping a track of rivals : Digital marketing has given the business owners a method to
spy on the rivals and hence implement the marketing tactics in such a way to maximize
the profits. This facility is not available with offline mode of marketing.

● Reviews : Digital marketing is so booming and famous, not only because it gives the business entrepreneur a way to maximize the profits and return over investments but also gives the consumers a platform to give their feedback. The feedbacks from the
consumers gives others a facility to check the ratings of the product or services online before concluding the sale. Hence the chances of getting ditched with the product and services is greatly reduced unlike in offline mode of marketing where this review option is
not available. Hence on consumers part also this online mode of marketing is beneficial.

● Automation of tasks : Digital marketing platform gives a way to automate our work and hence reduces the efforts and inputs the business owner is supposed to put in. There is no such method of automation in offline mode of advertising. Here we have to do the
whole lot work again and again even if we have to do the same work on the same platform.

So it is quite evident that digital marketing platform is useful for both business entrepreneur as
well as consumers. If you are an entrepreneur doesn’t matter big or small, digital marketing can give you huge outcomes. An easy hassle free and effective way of promotion with proven return over investments makes digital marketing an inevitable part of business promotion.Hence it is
proven that in the present day world digital marketing is the need of time and if you are not practicing digital marketing tactics for your business then you are way behind your competitors.

When tends to know and find out that digital marketing takes lots of time but it is the easiest way to reach your audience thereby knowing what they need what they want and you deliver your best


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