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Social media
Man has reached on moon we are developed now as well as today world become very small through social media and internet all the world has come into a small computer and we can get every kind of knowledge from this actually the computer is a initial form of calculator calculator is the first computer now this is the modern form of computer computer we can learn every and add any kind of knowledge from this through using internet and social media first of all we talk about the Microsoft company the biggest achiever of computer market the Microsoft founder Bill Gates he is a self made man he struggled hard and achieve his goal the biggest company name Microsoft he always says my sons father is richest man but not mine he always work hard and build such as a company in those days where there is no imagination of this kind of Technology this technology world becomes very small and Bill Gates make his own name nowadays Microsoft has only given us has also given a certificates of those people who passes the test from the Microsoft artificial intelligence this certificate has its own value in Internet world basically internet is the search engine media it has YouTube Facebook Google Wikipedia Yahoo WhatsApp Instagram and extra and many other apps there is also a source of income we can earn money by using several apps like YouTube and Facebook extra we can achieve every and any kind of knowledge and information by it in the other words there is the modern form of newspaper in all ages we read newspaper and collect information in all over the world what is going on in the world but nowadays social media takes place of newspaper but newspaper has its own value in all ages newspaper is the important part of every house but nowadays social media is important part of every house social media and internet has given us any every and any kind of information of word though it is on the last end of the earth note on information which is the excellent source of entertainment modern form of television film and stage of entertainment world If we Missed any program we can watch it through social media in the easiest way even a 3 years old child can also use his father”s is smartphone now a day which every child has his own smartphone using of social media it has many advantages as well as many disadvantage first we talk about advantage there are many types of Apps and communication sites Skype Instagram WhatsApp Facebook and many other extra first Facebook Facebook it is a platform where we can makes a group of friends and family the owner of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg he is a young boy who make the platform of social media with his hard work and patience it is a very good platform there we can make our friends either they live an every part of the world is this page Google YouTube is a good platform for everyone especially YouTube is also earning platform is provided at every kind of videos like this the Wikipedia is the most informative platform of current affairs the owner of the Wikipedia is Jimmy Wales Wikipedia is a powerful source of information information of politics sports entertainment global warming extras many intelligence agencies like FBI FBR ISI RAW using this informative sites it helps us in every and each part of life life become more easier as like this Facebook Twitter is also a platform where we can express our feeling and comment on every kind of current affairs mostly the showbiz personalities using the Twitter as well as politician and common man there are many apps and sites of Business and stock exchange so the social media is a platform where we can get every information of up and downs of business community these are the advantage of social media but there are so many disadvantage also it social media affects every person who used it speciality teen agersmind impressed form social media they makes it is like a part of their life they also used many apps for this reason depression ratio increase in teenagers for the reason they also make suicide attempt young generation the suicide increased day by day is this way you heard about blue whale game it is a game who takes life of many teenagers teenager mind found of adventures then impressed in a very short period and they agree any kind of advantage by the game they loses their life with his own hand such as this way there are many good things on social media but also have many bed by using of this apps the youth mind set totally changed its like a poison for youth and teen agers and wrong sites are also found on social media these sites has damaged the youth mindset believe it the founder of Microsoft company Bill Gates has only one computer in his house he is not permit his own children at the age of 14 to use the computer he thinking about social media it is a very good thing but uses of the good thing in a bad way is wrong we need always a right source a good thing and excellent way but not this way which is damage our young generation the youth is our prosperity and dream of New world we don’t want to lose and this own it we need to think about it there will there is always a way we need to use good way of social media there is many disadvantage social media But advantage of social media is bigger than disadvantage this is only dependent on our use how we use a good thing in a bad way we need to use a good thing in a good way


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