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Remedies To Reduce Obesity


Remedies to reduce obesity :  Today in this article we will learn about 50 Ayurvedic remedies and home remedies for reducing obesity.
Obesity-less remedies, home remedies
1 : Lemon
⚫️ Mix 25 grams of honey in 25 grams of lemon juice and drink 100 grams of hot water daily in the morning and evening, obesity is removed.
⚫️ Drinking one lemon juice daily with lukewarm water daily removes obesity.
⚫️ Mix one lemon juice with 250 grams of water and drink a little salt and drink it for 1-2 months in the morning and evening. it reduces obesity.
⚫️ Mix 25 grams of lemon juice and 15 grams of kerala juice for a few days after consuming it. Obesity is destroyed.
⚫️ Mix 250 grams of water with 25 grams of lemon juice and 20 grams honey and consuming it for 2 to 3 months, more fat is destroyed.
⚫️ Drink 1-1 cup hot pine every morning after dinner and reduce body fat. As the consumption of fat is reduced, gas, constipation, colitis (inflammation of the intestines), amobysis and worms are also destroyed.
2 : Apples and carrots
⚫️ By applying the amount of apples and carrots in equal quantity, the amount of 200 grams of empty stomach in the morning reduces the weight and increases energy and beauty. Nothing should be eaten after 2 hours after consuming it.
3 : Radish
⚫️ Drink radish powder from 3 to 6 grams of honey mixed with water and drink it twice a day to get rid of obesity.
⚫️ Adding lemon juice to 100-150 grams of radish and drinking it 2 to 3 times a day will reduce obesity.
⚫️ Eat powder of radish seeds with 6 grams and gram liver, and eat a glass of water mixed with honey and lemon juice from above, the fat of the body decreases.
⚫️ Mix 6 grams of radish seeds with 20 grams of honey powder and eat about 20 grams of honey and drink it for 40 days, it is less obesity.
⚫️ Mixing radish powder in honey is enough to remove obesity.
4 : Sugar candy
⚫️ Mixing sugar, thick fennel and dry coriander in equal quantity and taking one spoon in the morning with water, reduces fat due to excess fat.
5 : Lime
⚫️ Grind 15 grams without grinding, mix 250gm in country ghee and filter it in the cloth, lactation in the morning and evening 6-6 grams reduces obesity.
6 : Seepage
⚫️ The amount of juice of Sahajan tree leaves daily in the amount of 3 teaspoons to remove the laxity of the skin and decreases the fat intake.
7: vijasar
⚫️ Mixing honey in the decoction of Vijayasara reduces obesity.
8: Arjun
⚫️ Mix 2 grams of Arjun powder in the pan of fire gram and drink it.
9: Bhirajraj
⚫️ Using 5 grams of fresh leaf juice of Bhrigraj tree with water in the morning, obesity is less.
10: honey
⚫️ Take 120 to 240 gms of honey 100 to 200 ml of lukewarm water taking 3 times a day, the body’s thawness is removed.
11: Width
⚫️ Take 1-2 grams of powder of the seed of the seed with the help of honey twice a day, it provides relief in obesity.
⚫️ Mixing of Yiwangg, Sont, Jawakshara, Kantisar, Barley and Amla with powder mixed with honey removes them in obesity.
12: Basil
⚫️ Grinding the soft and fresh leaves of the basil is enough to make the body more fat than it is consumed with curd.
⚫️ Add 10 grams of juice of Basil leaves in 100 grams of water and drink it by dissolving the body’s looseness and excess fat.
⚫️ Mixing basil leaves juice 10 drops and honey with 2 teaspoons in 1 glass water and consuming it for a few days reduces obesity.
13: Plum
⚫️ Boil the leaves of booze for long periods of time by drinking boiling water in the water.
14: Tomato
⚫️ Tomato and onion add a little rock salt before eating it by eating it in the form of a salad is less hungry and obesity is less.
15: Triphala
⚫️ Before sleeping on night, soak the quantity of 15 grams of Triphala soak it in light warm water and filter this water in the morning and add honey and take it for a few days. This leads to obesity early.
⚫️ Add Triphala, Trikuta, Chitrak, Nirmmotha and Yuvaing together by adding the googlas in the decoction.
⚫️ Drink Triphala powder with 10 grams of honey twice a day (morning and evening).
⚫️ Boil 2 spoonful Triphala in 1 glass of water and add sugar candy as desired, it consumes obesity.
⚫️ Liking of Triphala powder and gram of Gilioya with 1-1 grams of honey is lessening the growth of the stomach.
16: Hard
⚫️ Grind 500 grams of 500 grams, 500 grams salt salt and 250 grams black salt and mix 20 grams of guarpeth juice and dry it thoroughly. It consumes 3 grams of water per day with hot water and gives benefits in obesity.
17 : Acne
⚫️ Seal, Jawakhar, Kantisar, Barley and Amla, grind them in equal quantity and filter them and drink honey in it. This eliminates obesity.
⚫️ Make a powder by grinding dry, black pepper, small peepal, gourd, white cumin seeds, asafoetida, black salt and cheetah in equal quantity. Drinking this powder with hot water in 6 grams of powders in the morning is less obesity.
18 : Giloy
⚫️ Make a decoction by mixing Gilloy, Herar, Bheera and Amla and mixing pure Shilajit in it, elimination of obesity and decreasing fat and waist more fat.
⚫️ Make 3 grams of giloya and triphala powder by making 3 grams powder and lactation with honey will reduce obesity in the morning and evening.
⚫️ Make a powder by mixing equal quantities of Giloy, Harad and Narmmotha. Taking 1-1 teaspoon of powdered honey three times a day, there is less skin hanging and more fat.
19 : Barley
⚫️ Combine Barley juice and honey with Triphala debris and drink it ends with obesity.
20 : Guggul
⚫️ Make powder by taking Guguul, Trikoot, Triphala and Kalimirch in equal proportions and keep this powder well in the anointing oil. Consumption of 3 grams of this powder in the amount of obesity is cured.
⚫️ Adding 1 to 2 grams of pure gogul with hot water for 3 times a day will reduce obesity.
21: Mole
⚫️ Massaging daily with sesame oil reduces the fat on the body.
22: Sarso
⚫️ Massage daily with sarson oil causes obesity.
23: curd
⚫️ Eating yogurt reduces obesity.
24: buttermilk
⚫️ Reduce obesity by mixing black salt and oven in buttermilk.
25: potatoes
⚫️ Boil the potatoes and remove the fat in the hot sands by removing obesity.
26: Apparatus
⚫️ By eating cooked seeds of water in the water, the appetite seems less and the fat starts decreasing.
27: Kulti
⚫️ Giving 100 grams of pulses of lentils daily is less fat.
28: People
⚫️ By mixing 4ppal and adding half a teaspoon of honey, it reduces obesity.
29: spinach
⚫️ Mix 50 grams of carrot juice with 25 grams of spinach and drink the body’s fat (fat) after drinking it.
⚫️ Drink 15 grams of lemon juice in 50 grams spinach juice and drink it ends with obesity.
30: water
⚫️ Drinking 1 glass of lukewarm water before meals reduces the incidence of appetite and reduces body fat.
⚫️ Drink honey daily in stale cold water, it provides relief in obesity.
⚫️ Drink 250 grams of lime juice and one lemon juice and 2 teaspoons honey mixed with empty stomach. This reduces fat and reduces the laxity of the skin.
31: Dikamali
⚫️ Dikamali (one type of gum) mixed with warm water in the fourth part of about 1 gram, drinking it in the morning and evening reduces obesity.
32: Kooth
⚫️ Grind kneading in rose water and apply it on the stomach, there is benefit in the growing stomach. The coating on the arm, the lip is reduced by swelling.
33: Madhavi
⚫️ Take the root of the flower of Madhavi with 10 grams of amphora in the morning and evening and the waist is thin and shapely.
34: barn
⚫️ Obtaining greens of barna leaves regularly takes away obesity.
35: Erad
⚫️ Make a decoction of the root of the anvil and take 1-1 teaspoonful of honey with it twice a day to remove obesity.
⚫️ Mix juice of ash leaf juice with asafoetida and eat more rice than it gets cooked.
36: Pippali
⚫️ Obesity of half a gram of pipali powder consumed with honey every morning and evening for 1 month, obesity ends.
⚫️ Mix peepal 150 grams and rock salt 30 grams well and make 21 doses. Take this morning with an empty stomach in the morning. It reduces the stomach fat due to air.
⚫️ Boil 1 to 2 grams of Pipali milk in the milk and take out the milk from the milk and drink it and drink milk from the top. It reduces obesity.
37: zodiac
⚫️ Prepare the powder by mixing 35 grams of zodiac and 175 grams of fine powder and grinding well.
⚫️ Mix 5 grams of this powder with one lemon juice, honey and 250 grams of lukewarm water and drink it for 40 consecutive days in the morning. This eliminates the fat fat of the body and the body gets curvy.
⚫️ Take half a half grams of joakhar with water in water three times a day, it becomes obese.
38: hidden magazines
⚫️ Make powder by grinding 50 grams of loose powder and take 1 gram of this powder with water in the morning. it reduces obesity.
39: Majo Jajil
⚫️ With the amount of 10 grams of mahjajil consuming water at night, drinking water at bedtime is lessening the stomach.
40: acacia
⚫️ Grinding acacia leaves with water on the body removes looseness of the skin and reduces obesity.
41: pineapple
⚫️ Eating pineapple every day causes obesity as the pineapple destroys the fat.
42: paintings
⚫️ Eating with the fine powder of the root of the painting with honey, ends stomach disorders and obesity.
43: Bell
⚫️ Obesity is removed by applying vine leaves and granular grinding.
44: Parwal
⚫️ Make a decoction of paraval and cheetah by mixing fennel and asafoetida powder, it reduces obesity.
45: Isabgol
⚫️ Cholesterol is regulated by regular use of asbagol and the body does not have more fat.
46 Juices
⚫️ Fruit juice is very useful. It is beneficial to take fruit juices for 6 to 8 months to reduce obesity. It does not have to face any side effects of its intake.
⚫️ Fruit juice reduces calorie intake, which reduces the fat physically. This reduces body weight and obesity. Carrot, cucumber, cabbage, tomato, watermelon, apple and onion juice are beneficial.
47: fragrances
⚫️ Make powder by adding 50 grams of spices, 50 grams of muesli and 50 grams of black moussele, and taking 10 grams of milk in the morning with milk, obesity is eliminated.
48: ore
⚫️ Make coconut 20 grams of ragi, 20 grams of rock salt, 20 grams of cumin and 20 grams of black pepper, and drink this powder with empty stomach morning in the morning. It destroys more body fat.
49: Bitter
⚫️ Mixing 1 lemon juice in the juice of bitter gourd reduces body fat due to consuming it in the morning.
50: Rice
⚫️ Often the hot heat of rice is taken away for a few days by taking away the fatness.
This special tea is helpful in reducing obesity:
One teaspoon dried ginger powder, half a spoon coriander powder, two spoons jaggery, half teaspoon fennel, one tea bag and one cup of water. Boil the fennel in two minutes water and put the tea bag in hot water for 1 minute. Flavors will come from this. And the taste of tea will also change which will be good to drink. Finally add all the ingredients and mix it with jaggery and stir it. When jaggery is found, drink it with taste.


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