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How To Kiss – Tips And Techniques



Love, affection, and relationships make this world more beautiful and peaceful. One of the mysterious ways to show how much you love somebody is to kiss. But it would be rather disgraceful if you don’t know how to kiss correctly. Instead of accepting your most profound affection they would hate you or may think you are an idiot even don’t know how to kiss. So kiss plays a significant role in this world making your relationships stronger or weaker on the way you kiss. So this is not just acting as we think. So we have to think about this deeply to please and make happy the people.
So, first of all, you have to ponder about your hygiene if you need to know how to kiss well. On first sight, the girl or the boy looks at your hair and nail. So it’s important to keep your hair and nails neatly and clean.
The lips the major role plays in a kiss must be without cracks, and they shouldn’t be dry. And your lips should be smart. Would anyone like to kiss someone with dirty and chapped lips? Then your teeth. Your teeth should be the same as your lips. They should be clean and fresh.


To please your partner, your basic hygiene must be perfect, and it goes without saying if your attitudes towards those factors are negative how best you try to kiss, your all techniques are useless. Your body smell is also needed to care. No, for one likes to come and kiss a person having a bad smell in your body. This is also relevant to your breath. If you need to impress your partner with the kiss your breath must be a good one. So, in that case, it won’t affect your kiss in a bad manner. Please be careful to be more gentle with your shave also. If you haven’t shaved recently, then it would make your partner disgusting in kissing. So be clean as much as possible to play a perfect kiss and to impress others how to kiss.
The right and the best time to kiss is being alone and happy. This is very important if you are going to make your first kiss. Being alone with your partner makes you stronger in confidence and avoids your shyness. This confidence makes a kiss more impressive. If you become shy your lips become shivering and it doesn’t make any sound kiss. So if you feel you need to kiss get away from the crowd.


If your partner is having;
eyes with soft and heavy
a sustained eye contact
a slight head turn
licking lips or biting lips
a coming closer to you
a stop in conversation and unbroken eye contact and
smiling in conjunctions along with at least one of the above

Clues that she is ready for a kiss. So this is the hardest part of a kiss, how to lead to a kiss. Make this opportunity more romantic. Set your mood to romantic.
Then you can get a response in one of the following ways if you want to know how to kiss well.

How to Kiss – Kissing methods

look deep into the partner’s eyes.
A soften smiling
Make longer eye contact as you usually do
And a respectful way to subtly the partner.


Now you can lean forward and start kissing. But slowly. Make sure that you don’t have any nasty particles on the lips and the teeth. When you touch her lips start it softly.

First lips only. Not teeth or tongue. Don’t make any despicable or unpleasant noises. That will break your attention towards to kiss. If any noise is made pull the lips away a bit.
Avoid smashing the lips. Soft and gentle kiss is comfortable. That is a way to know how much your partner interested in kissing.
Keep in mind to keep your lips wet. If you feel your lips are dry pull your lips away gradually and take some spit into your mouth.
If everything is going well, then you can try lip locking which is lead to closer kisses. First, kiss your partner’s lower lip with that of yours. That is because generally the lower lip is more significant and this make ease of grab the lip gently. Then try the upper lips. This lip-lock is an easy way to initiate a French kiss.
While kissing don’t forget to breathe well. If you find any difficulty in breathing then take a second’s chance to breathe. Breath makes a perfect kiss. As if you find it is hard to kiss then you become nervous and excited that would lead an uncomfortable and unpleasant kiss. If you want to know how to kiss follow this very well.


If your partner is interested in kissing now, you can try with tongues. When your lower lip is locked with that of your partner’s gently run the tip of your tongue over it. Slower the better. Then if your partner presses closer, it indicates that partner is interested in it. Then you can increase the interest in the kiss my tongue. Or if the partner pulls away, it is better to pull back tongue and lip kissing.
While kissing remember not to keep your hands on your side.
Keep your hands lightly on your partner’s shoulders or around the waist. Pull your partner closer gently.
Put a hand on the side of a face; keep sweeping the cheekbone by the thumb.
So try these tips to interest a great kiss with your partner. A great kiss leads a good and lasting love and affection. So learn how to kiss and make your partner happy.

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